Zobha Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller
Zobha Vibrating Quartz Roller
Zobha Vibrating Rose Roller

Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

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  • Product Description
  • Product Description
  • Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller is the valuable stone of reverence and radiance. Effectively, Rose Quartz passes on a retouching imperativeness that opens your heart chakra and progresses confidence which is significant concerning a glowing skin. With an access of 6000 sonic vibrations for each second your skin will feel more lifted and scratched. It is Ideal for all skin types. This vibrating facial roller in a brief instantly shape and tone the face. It has a number of advantages like it helps reduce puffiness, improves adaptability and advances cell turnover, helps in passage, similarly diminishes dark circles, eye bags and practically irrelevant contrasts.

    1.  Helps diminish facial muscle pressure.
    2. Instantly shapes the face.
    3. More lifted skin with every vibration.
    4. Helps diminish puffiness.
    5. Improves flexibility and advances cell turnover.
    6. Aids skin care product's absorption.
    7. Boosts blood flow and lights up the skin.
    8. Promotes common detox and forestalls skin inflammation.
    9. Minimizes the presence of the early signs of maturing.
    10. Chordless massager with a user friendly design.
    11. Battery operated skin care tool.