Zobha Avocado Foaming Face Wash
Avocado Face Wash
Avocado Face Wash
Avocado Face Wash
Avocado Face Wash

Avocado Face Wash

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  • Product Description
  • Product Description
  • Zobha’s Avocado foaming face wash is most suitable for normal to dry skin. It contains avocado that has anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acids which can help in reducing the redness and inflammation associated with acne. The outermost layer of the skin, also known as the Epidermis easily absorbs these nutrients which also helps in forming new skin and also keeps the nails and surrounding skin soft and may help to reduce breakage. Innovative packaging makes it more attractive to use, even in the dessert as there is no need to use water in order to wash it off after applying as it's foam active silicon brush can be easily used to massage the face and erase dullness and dryness in minutes. With regular use, the skin will look healthy, hydrated and satin-smooth.

    • Rich in fatty acids,Vitamin E, Potassium, lecithin and other nutrients
    • It's foam based formula nourishes and moisturises the skin while giving a deep cleansing effect on the skin
    • Keeps the skin soft and supple all day
    • HOW TO USE
      • Wet your face with lukewarm water, push the pump and apply the soft foam that comes out of the silicon brush nozzles on your face
      • Using the soft silicon brush bristles gently massage the face wash on your skin in small circular motions exerting light pressure
      • Wash or wipe the product off
      • Use twice a day for best results

      Get Nature’s Goodness with Zobha’s Avocado Face Wash

      If you are looking for something refreshing to add to your skincare, Zobha offers you a huge basket of face care products, including our avocado face wash range. Our face wash features an amazing texture and offers a hydrating face. It will help you get rid of acne-prone skin and have healthy skin. Zobha promises you a smooth and glowing complexion after using our face regularly.

      No matter what kind of skin you have, ageing or young, our avocado foaming face wash range will help unclog pores and work wonders for all skin types.

      How to Use Zobha Avocado Face Wash to Get the Most Benefit?

      Do you know how exactly you should use a face wash to clean your face effectively? Well, you can easily use our avocado face wash with steaming hot water and get flawless skin.

      Here is how you can use our face wash to get glowing and healthy skin effectively. 

      Step 1: Use Warm Water to Wet Your Face

      Before using the avocado face wash, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Always avoid using cold water or very hot water as it will leave the skin dry. Warm water will help the skin to lock oil and moisture. 

      Step 2: Take a Dime Amount of Foaming Face Wash

      Zobha features silicon brush nozzles on its avocado foaming face wash. Our customers are 100% assured to get a clean, dirtless face after one wash. Try massaging your face for 30-45 seconds in a circular motion to clean your face thoroughly. Refrain from rubbing the face vigorously.

      Step 3: Splash Lukewarm Water to Remove the Face Wash

      You must use lukewarm water to clean the face wash from your skin. Zobha’s oily skin face wash will remove extra moisture from the skin. 

      Step 4: Pat Dry Your Face with a Soft Towel

      Try using a clean and soft towel and never rub your face. It often irritates the skin. You will find that Zoha’s avocado face wash will leave the skin hydrating and glowing.

      What Can You Expect from Our Avocado Face Wash Range? 

      Zobha offers a wide range of multi-functional foaming face wash, including the real goodness of organic, natural ingredients. It features some amazing properties beneficial for every kind of skin trouble.

      Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

      We infuse some anti-inflammatory properties in our face washes, like in the avocado face wash. It will improve and nourish the skin. The damaged acne-prone skin will be healed with regular usage of our face wash. Also, it will remove dead cells and reduce inflammation. 


      Our avocado face wash for oily skin will leave the skin hydrating after every cleaning. It gives a clearer and softer look. 

      Refreshing Fragrance & Easy Lather

      Zobha’s face washes include no harmful chemicals. We deliver parabens and sulfate-free face wash enriched in aloe vera and avocado goodness. After every wash, you will experience a refreshing fragrance.

      Our avocado foaming face wash gives a good amount of lather. It has a foam-based formula that gives the skin a softer look and keeps it hydrated all day long.

      Add Zobha’s Avocado Face Wash to Your Daily Skincare Routine to Get a Flawless Skin

      Sleeping with a face full of dirt is a no-no thing. But using a chemical face wash is another big red flag. Thus, Zobha brings you a wide range of foaming face wash which will be a great addition to your daily skincare routine. 

      Our face wash lacks any harmful chemicals, and you will only get the goodness of nature. We are determined to bring the best to our customers. It means you get daily doses of paraben-free and natural ingredients with our avocado face wash that every experience of your face wash. 

      So, what are you waiting for? Grab nature's goodness with our avocado foaming face wash today!

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