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Amethyst Gua Sha - Purple Gemstone

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  • Product Description
  • Perfected throughout the centuries, the amethyst gua sha tool was built to have a firming and lifting effect on the skin.

    Amethyst is stress relieving and cleansing of negative energies. It promotes clarity and relaxation. It also improves the radiance of the skin.


    What are Zobha’s Amethyst Gua Sha Benefits?

    Zobha’s massage tools are the most valued due to their spiritual properties.

    1. This purple gemstone is very important for overall health.
    2. It has many benefits in regard to the skincare routine.
    3. It helps to oxygenate the skin for moisturizing it.
    4. It can help in removing dead skin and leave behind a brighter and less-damaged skin.
    5. It's incredibly protective, healing, and purifying, increases concentration and improves mental clarity.
    6. It can help rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth spiritual wisdom.
    7. They help oxygenate the skin, combat inflammation and improve circulation.
    8. One can use them for exfoliation as it removes dead skin to give a brighter and youthful look.
    9. Using their amethyst stones will give a spa an experience at home.
    10. An eye mask made entirely of the amethyst gua sha can be used on the delicate eye area and work as a fatigue-diminishing mask.
    11. The amethyst gua sha tools are better than your hands as they work on the skin without pulling it.
  • How to Use Our Purple Gemstone?  

    Zobha’s trained professionals use a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while they press on it. The amethyst gua sha benefits the skin as it evens out the skin surface.

    Step 1: Clean your face and prepare your skin with a facial oil or serum to enhance the glide of the tool and nourish the skin. We love to pair the crystal gua sha tool with Zobha’s natural skincare products made from nourishing herbs and plants. 

    Step 2: With the tool against your face, rub the facial tool starting with the forehead. The tool needs to be scrapped in an upwards motion. Last move towards the cheeks.

    Step 3: Use the amethyst gua sha tool with two curves. Upon gentle massage, the tension gets released.

  • Other Description
  • Go Organic with Zobha’s Amethyst Gua Sha

    Amethyst has gained immense popularity in the industry for being a tool that boosts your skin and relieves stress. 

    Hence, if you want to move away from artificial skincare, Zobha is there to help you out. We have got exclusive biotic skincare and haircare products like our amethyst gua sha. They are 100% natural stones carved and polished without any chemical treatment. 

    What Can You Expect from Zobha’s Amethyst Gua Sha-Made Head Roller?

    Our head roller acts as a natural tranquillizer and is made of 100% amethyst stone. It helps relieve anxiety and stimulates new ideas. Additionally, it aids to manage your emotional quotient and gets rid of insomnia. The spiritual vibration of our amethyst gua sha tools helps spiritual awareness and awakening of the soul. 

    The gentle spiky grooves help the skin increase collagen production and stimulate and relax the pressure points. The cooling effects of these massages will calm you down and improve your skin elasticity. It removes your dark circles, and stimulation of blood flow will help bring a natural glow. 

    Our amethyst head roller also relieves facial tension, sinus pressure, and headaches as well as on your face, neck, back, arms, and legs. It simultaneously helps better absorption of our other beauty products.

    Why Should You Add Our Amethyst Gua Sha Stone To Your Daily Routine?

    The crystal gua sha is made of high-quality natural resin, which is more thick and powerful than the traditional gua sha tools. It is heart-shaped and fully transparent, with a smooth feeling that never hurts your skin. 

    Frequent use of this tool helps relieve fatigue and lets you have a relaxing time. It is available in a variety of forms, from rose quartz and amethyst to black obsidian and jade. In fact, Zobha’s amethyst gua sha price is too affordable to purchase.