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Benefits of De Tan Cream for Face

by Harpreet Singh Gandhi 11 Nov 2022

The skin can be impacted by the daily pollutants our face keeps facing. Dangerous UV rays might cause skin tanning, which one might wish they could get rid of immediately. Once your skin starts facing the heat of tanning, it takes time to get rid of a tan. The chemical melanin, which is found in the body, causes the skin to darken. Consequently, the skin's melanin is released. You must be aware that the more melanin is released, resulting in a darker skin tone, the more UV radiation you are exposed to indoors or directly in the sun. Because of this, when the facial skin is exposed to the sun, it appears black. This is when you need to start wearing the de tan creams available in the market. These de-tan creams help our skin get protection against the UV rays that can harm it the most.

We bring you the two best options if you want the best de-tan cream for your skin

1. De-Tan Cream- Sun-tan Removal

MRP: 1427

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The De Tan cream from Zobha Life applies best to your skin. De-Tan cream from Zobha is a skin-lightening lotion. This unique product for getting rid of tans lightens the overall skin tone by eliminating the sun's harmful effects of tanning. De-Tan cream from Zobha Life contains the ideal formulation of raspberry seed oil, which has anti-aging properties by enhancing skin elasticity, giving more flexibility, and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles, and sagging skin. It also has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and pollutant-free properties that benefit the skin.

2. De-Tan Sun-tan removal cream for the face

MRP: 495

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If you have an uneven skin tone and frequently get tanned due to excess exposure to UV rays, applying the sun-tan removal face cream from Zobha Life is the best option. It does not contain any bleaching agent; you can use it as an age-defying night cream, helping your skin to remain fresh. It carries natural food extracts and nutritional components, helping to give enough results.

Benefits of using de tan cream for face

  • Helps to repair Damage

One of the benefits of applying de tan skin cream is that it helps to repair the damage. Skin usually faces harm when regularly exposed to UV radiation, which increases melanin synthesis. You can give the skin time to heal by using a decent scrub in this area. In addition, using natural products has many advantages because they are fantastic for the skin, combat aging issues, and remove tans. Make sure you apply skin-friendly de-tanner from a reputed brand.

  • Gives Clarity to your Skin

It is usual to see the skin appear lifeless and exhausted after tanning. You should be aware that de-tan scrubs perform better in such cases. They remove all the impurities by penetrating the pores deeply. It helps the skin have a glowing appearance. When you take care of your skin well and exfoliate it the right way, you'll notice a big difference in how it looks.t

  • Helps to Cleanse the Skin

The de tan skincare regimen can assist you in thoroughly cleaning the skin and getting rid of any impurities. If you follow the right steps, especially the exfoliation step, you may restore your skin's natural glow and prevent the signs of aging. Also, the scrub will keep your skin from looking tired by getting rid of all the buildup under the skin.


Making your skin free from tanning or any impurities isn't that easy. You must work on it regularly, and to ensure you get the best out of it, apply de tan skin cream, which works wonders on the skin. Buy the best brand’s de-tanner cream.

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