Zobha Herbal Shampoo Zobha Herbal Shampoo Zobha Herbal Shampoo Zobha Herbal Shampoo Zobha Herbal Shampoo Zobha Herbal Shampoo

Zobha Herbal Shampoo


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  • Hair fall control.
  • Makes hair-roots stronger.
  • Adds shine to hair.
  • Pure Natural Ingredients.
  • Chemical Free shampoo.
  • Nourish the Dry & Itchy scalp.
  • Unisex Product.

Available In: 500 ML

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Zobha HERBAL SHAMPOO WITH HAIR FALL CONTROL adds shine to hair & hair looks much softer. Shikakai has anti-fungal properties and other nutrients to nourish the scalp. This is why Amla and Shikakai able to Nourish the dry itchy scalp simultaneously. It makes hair roots stronger and healthier & acts as a mild hair cleanser.

  • Gives hair soft and silky feel/look.
  • Its antifungal properties treat dry and itchy scalp.
  • Prevents hair fall and making hair stronger and helps with hair regrowth.
  • Acts as an efficient hair cleanser.

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply shampoo and massage it through your hair.
  • Shampoo twice without the foaming action. it's harder to remove the dirt and oil from your hair.
  • The second shampoo really lifts it out cleans your hair. Plus you'll find the shampoo lathers up more easily.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly.

Benefits of the herbal shampoo

The herbal shampoo is very useful for hair growth, you can use this as hair loss shampoo.
Hair fall control herbal shampoo is made to strengthen the hair follicles.
Hair fall control herbal shampoo gives essential oil and nourishment all through the root and follicles.
Hair fall control herbal shampoo promotes new hair growth. And it also helps to improve the volume of hair.
Hair fall control herbal shampoo provides shining and smoothing to hair.
The Zobha does not contain any hard chemicals or artificial ingredient so shampoo act as a hair loss shampoo.

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