Opalite Blue Crystal Roller Opalite Blue Crystal Roller Opalite Blue Crystal Roller Opalite Blue Crystal Roller

Opalite Blue Crystal Roller


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. Effectively calms skin with natural cooling benefits.
. For facial massage and skin rejuvenation.
. Tightens, smoothens and sculpts the skin.
. Dual headed face massager.
. Discourages appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
. Reduces puffiness and under eye dark circles.
. Relieves facial tension, sinus pressure and headaches.
. Stimulates blood flow and oxygen for natural glow.
. Can be used on your face, neck, back, arms and legs.
. Instantly relaxes the skin.

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Opalite Roller is made of premium quality 100% valid opalite stone. It accompanies a fortified zinc
amalgam handle in rose gold, making it more grounded and sturdier. Opalite is an incredible
recuperating gem that holds a lively energy to conjure sensations of bliss. Opalite is incredible for
calming aggravated skin and for individuals with delicate skin. Exquisitely wonderful, this
gemstone facial roller lights up the appearance and is a phenomenal device for skin when incorporated in
your common skincare schedule.
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