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All About Skin Polishing and How Can It Help You

by Harpreet Singh Gandhi 22 Feb 2022

You are getting ready for a special function, but suddenly your eye falls into your dull skin. Did it ever happen to you? If yes, then we have something to suggest to you. Skin polishing is the best solution for this problem. Moreover, skin polishing is a quick solution for you if you are also worried about your lifeless skin.

A quick fix like skin polishing will make your skin brighter and healthy. If you are still confused about what skin polishing is? How can you look good with face polishing cream? What are the pros and cons of skin polishing? Then we got you covered. Take a look at this guide to know more.

What is skin polishing?

It is a technique that helps remove dead skin cells from the skin and exfoliate dull skin. It helps eliminate acne, fine line and improve the skin's overall texture. Your skin feels softer and smoother after skin polishing.

So, it is a way to get good skin in less time. You will also see improved tan and uneven skin after getting skin polishing. So, if your skin is facing a difficult situation, then skin polishing is good for you.

How is the skin polishing done?

We can say that skin polishing is a method for nourishing your skin with nutrients. It is more like a facial where your dead skin cells get removed.

In this process, a skincare tool gently removes the top layer of the skin. It is done by skincare products like serum and moisturizer. The product being used is according to your skin type. This way, it closes the pores and makes the skin better looking.

Skin polishing is mainly done by professionals. You can be done it to your home. But make sure you do it on a professional's advice because you can make mistakes without expert suggestions. You can be done it in a gap of 3 to 4 weeks.

Types of skin polishing

You can find two types of skin polishing: Microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Let's talk about these types of skin polishing.

1. Clinical Method

In this method principle of friction is used to remove the top layer. And then, with the help of a handheld device, aluminium oxide crystal is distributed in the skin at high speed. It also has a vacuum attached that removes dirt and dead skin.


  1. Less time consuming 
  2. Show instant result 
  3. Good for acne 
  4. It is helpful in scars and marks
  5. Reduce wrinkles and fine line

2. Dimond Microdermabrasion

In this method, a diamond tip handpiece is used. It exfoliates the skin well. A suction method is also used to remove dead skin cells and dirt in this process. In addition, it solves the problem of the under-eye areas. Mainly it is being used in sensitive areas that have thin layers.


  1. Suggested by professionals
  2. It doesn't irritate the eyes
  3. It Cover area like the eyes and near of mouth
  4. Good for glowing skin

Give a deep exfoliate 


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